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Bacchus Bars

Providing a professional bar service at Brympton House 

Our T&C's



Bacchus Wedding Bars provides bar services at its premises in Somerset for pre-booked and public events. Our premises form part of the Brympton D’Evercy estate and where you have booked the estate for your wedding we have agreed with the venue to make our premises available for your event. You are advised by the venue to satisfy yourselves with our terms and conditions before booking.


Our General Terms and Conditions:

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase or consume alcohol at the event. We would suggest that anyone who looks or could be thought to be under the age of 25 brings photographic ID/proof of age with them or we will not be able to serve them. We will refuse to serve anyone at the event who is or appears to be excessively drunk, under the influence of drugs or uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards staff, customers or other guests. We will also refuse to serve anyone who purchases or attempts to purchase alcohol for someone under the age of 18 or someone who has previously been refused alcohol by the bar staff. The decision on such matters will be taken by the bar staff and will be final. The bar staff also reserve the right to close the bar at any time if in their opinion unruly or troublesome behaviour has arisen or is likely to arise within the venue or its environs.



1) Be the sole provider of all beverages at your event unless previously agreed. It will not be permitted for anyone to consume their own drinks at the event.

2) If the agreement is made to provide your own arrival drinks/ table wine for your drinks-reception and wedding breakfast, leftover drinks MUST NOT be brought over to the STABLES BAR COMPLEX or consumed after 8 pm if the HAYLOFT is used for dining. Failure to comply with this condition will result in the event being closed.

3) Have the necessary premises license and a DPS will be onsite for the whole course of the event.

4) Supply all equipment, staff and drinks.


Glassware/Plastic glasses

Due to health and safety concerns, glass is not permitted on any designated dance floor and drinks will be sold in plastic glasses for use on dance floors.  Glassware is available for use at the bar and in the comfy room. Bacchus Wedding Bars will accept no responsibility should an injury occur using glassware, when the client has been advised not to use glass. All lost or damaged glasses must be paid for and will be charged to the client after the event. Avoid charges for lost or damaged glass by opting for plastic glasses, these are provided free of charge.


Booking & Payment:

Our acceptance of a booking form from your venue and acknowledgement from you that you are happy to use our services will constitute a legally binding contract between Bacchus Wedding Bars and the client(s) named on the booking form.


Cancellation Policy

Where you cancel your event with the venue you must separately cancel your service with Bacchus Wedding Bars. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation charge from us if you cancel less than 12 weeks before the event. The charge is based on our inability to open the date to a public booking with notice of less than 12 weeks. Less than 12 weeks-notice: 100% of your invoice or package (whichever is greater)



You are responsible to compensate us for any loss or damage to our premises howsoever caused during your event including (but not restricted to) the following:

•    Scratches on the dance floor

•    Drink spillages  

•    Any other damage caused by guests



Bacchus Wedding Bars accepts cash and most major credit and debit cards.







Although we have forecast prices for 2020/21, we review our prices once annually and prices are still subject to change without notice.

However it is possible to guarantee prices on a pre-payment basis at any point in time, up to 12 months prior to your event date.

Bacchus Bars