Bacchus Bars

Providing a professional bar service at Brympton House 

Some of our Faqs

1. Can I run a bar tab for my guests?

We are happy to run bar tabs, although please note bars remain cash bars until your funds are in place received prior to service. Once funds are used up bars revert to cash bars, although additional funds may be added at any point. We regret all bar bills must be settled on the day, we are not permitted to invoice for drinks post event. Bar tabs can be set up by making prepayments of £500.00, £1,000 or multiples of. This amount can be added to your final invoice, sent 12 weeks prior to your event date. Any over payments will be refunded within 5 working days, please ensure that we have your Bank Account details for any refund to be made later. This should include: Account Name, Account Number and Sort Code.

2. How much expenditure should I allow for a free bar?

An approximate spend for 100 guests is £1, 000.00 per hour. Th estimate includes all pump and bottled beers and ciders, still wine and Prosecco, standard spirits priced up to £5, all mixers and soft drinks, tea & coffee. The estimate excludes Champagne, cocktails, high-end spirits and shots. 

3. Am I able to sample in package wines?

All our Day Package Wines are specially ordered in from our wine merchant, unfortunately we do not hold their stock at Brympton. However, you can arrange to sample the wines with the merchant directly. They have been supplying us for many years, are expertly knowledgeable and experienced & always available to help and advise on food matching so your wines compliment your wedding breakfast food perfectly. They will post discounted wines to your home for you to try with your family and friends. Please contact Mr John O’keefe at

4. Can I extend the Stables bar closing time?

Yes, a late license extension allows you to extend the normal closing time of 11.30pm:

For a 1hour extension from 11.30pm to 12.30am (with 30 mins drinking up time with the function to end at 1.00am) - £490*

For a 2hour extension from 11.30pm to 1.30am (with 30 minutes drinking up time with function to end at 2.00am) - £800*

*Additional Charges apply to New Years Eve

5. What time does my band or DJ have to stop playing music?  

All music should cease 15 minutes after the bar has closed. After this time the band have a further 30 minutes to pack up their equipment. All equipment must be vacated at the end of the session and cannot be left on site overnight. If security staff have to stay after this time, extra charges will be incurred of £250 per hour or part of.

6. What are the free opening times for the bars?

This will depend on your package.

For Bespoke and Deluxe wedding day bookings: the library bar is open for up two hours pre-ceremony from midday*.

For Bespoke day bookings: the Stables bar is open from the end of the wedding breakfast to 11.30pm with 30 minutes drinking up time, function to end at midnight*.

For Deluxe day bookings: the Stables bar is open from the end of the wedding breakfast to 1.30am with 30 minutes drinking up time, function to end at 2am*. 

Please note bar opening times exclude Brympton’s Midweek, Winter/Spring Wedding and House Party Offers – which only include a free evening bar (the Stables bar is open from the end of the wedding breakfast to 11.30pm with 30 minutes drinking up time, function to end at midnight). Please ensure guests who require Taxi's home book these in good time at the beginning of the evening, especially at weekends when demand is high. 

*We regret these times are not transferable to any other part of the day, and only applicable to Bespoke and Deluxe bookings. 

7. I have ordered the night cap package, where will this be held and when will this begin?

The night cap service is served in the Great Hall of the Main House @£800 for one hour. 

Limited to resident guests, including the Stables and The Farm House guests (Maximum Number of guests 72). Please note there is an additional charge for extra guests staying in the Bell Tents of @£6.50 per. guest. The service runs for one hour from 20 minutes after the stables complex is closed, from 12.20am, unless a bar extension has been applied for (for a one-hour extension add 1 hour on to this time, for a 2-hour extension add 2 hours). The package includes Hot Beverages, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, a selection of Liquors, Malt Whiskies etc., including - Drambuie, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, Baileys, Jameson’s Irish Whisky, Malt Whisky, Amaretto, Port & Cognac (subject to availability). Please remember this is a winding down service for residents who wish to have a quiet drink with other guests before retiring. For example; if the stables bar closes at 11.30pm, you and your guests then have 30 minutes drinking up time, function to end at midnight. We then allow 20 minutes for your party to make their way over to the house for the service to begin at 12.20am and finishing at 1.20am. 

8. I have booked a Midweek/Winter/House Party Wedding Package with Brympton House, how does this work in terms of service?

Brympton’s Midweek, Spring and Winter Wedding Packages are arranged through Sage With Zest who will supply all your glassware (unless you order a drinks package through Bacchus Bars).

Their BYO option is only for use during your Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast on your event day.  Bacchus will only be providing your evening bar in the Stables, from the end of your wedding breakfast to 11.30pm (unless you have arranged a late license).

Bacchus can open their Day Bar in the Library in the main house for an additional charge/s.

At the end of the wedding breakfast, once the licensed bars are open, it is not permitted to take any of your own alcohol to the Stables Reception, or any other open bars on the property. This is a breach of our premises license and strictly not permitted. 

9. I have booked one of your Day Drinks Packages which includes ½ a bottle of wine per guest for dinner, what happens if we need more?

For a one off fee per guest (on top of your package price) your guests can have an unlimited supply of wine for your wedding breakfast, priced as follows per guest:

Winery Day Drinks Package - £7.50pp

Connoisseur’s Day Drinks Package - £10.00pp

Sommelier’s Day Drinks Package - £13.50pp

Alternatively you can make an arrangement with us to have some additional wine available. 

10. Can I supply my own drinks favours?

Yes, for alcoholic drink favours up to 20% abv there is a small corkage charge per favour as follows:

•    Small spirit measures (25ml) 75p

•    Large spirit measures (50ml) £1.50

Please contact us regarding any other size of alcoholic drink favours. There is no charge for non alcoholic drink favours. 

11. I have just booked my wedding at Brympton next year, will the prices quoted today still be valid for next year?

We review our prices, packages and offers once a year in January These are subject to change without notice because of circumstances beyond our control i.e. suppliers increases or change in excise duty. Brexit has led to uncertainty and some concern amongst couples planning budgets. However, we do offer the opportunity to pre-pay up to 12 months prior to your event date, which will guarantee no further price increases. For couples who take up this option, we would prepare an invoice based on estimated numbers, then raise a final invoice 12 weeks prior to the wedding date to take into account any amendments, this would be the final cut off point for further changes - any overpayments will be refunded the next working day. 

12. Can I supply my own barrels of beer or cider?

Yes in limited circumstances with our written agreement provided you supply your own dispensing equipment. Ale must be supplied “Bright” and ready to serve, please allow extra time for beer to condition.

Corkage charges apply @£1.75 per pint. We will supply Plastic Glasses for your guests to self-serve. You can also supply your own Bottled beers/lagers (330ml) they are charged at @£1.30 per 330ml. bottle.

13. I am supplying my own drinks under the “Supply Your Own” option, when should I make my delivery?

Deliveries of your own supplies can be made to Brympton by prior arrangement with Bacchus on the morning of the first day of your event. Bacchus Staff are only at Brympton on event days. If you are not making the delivery yourself, please let your supplier know your delivery instructions. Alternatively, Bacchus can arrange for a staff member to be on site to meet your delivery charged @£25 per hour. All deliveries must be clearly marked with your full name and event date. It is very important to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions that apply to this option (see question 15). If you have booked a Wedding Offer (Winter/Spring/Midweek or House Party package) please contact Sage With Zest to arrange delivery.


14. I would like to order a Connoisseur’s or Sommelier’s Day Drinks package which includes 3 alcoholic drinks per guest for the drink’s reception, how does this work?

If you have 100 guests attending your reception the package will include 300 alcoholic drinks, which can be equally divided between your 3 choices (Max. 3 different choices) i.e 300 divided by 3 alcoholic drinks = 100 of each or the 300 drinks can be split any ratio you decide, just let us know your ratios!

15. I am using the “Supply Your Own" Option” which terms and conditions apply – can you please explain these?

Supply your Own is only  available for use during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, and no other times/days. Service is looked after by your catering team for your drinks reception & wedding breakfast as part of the price you agree to pay them. Caterer’s supply glassware for your wedding breakfast and bring your wine selection to guests tables for self-serve, except your Toast which will be served. Dedicated Wine Waiters can be supplied for an additional charge if required.  Any remaining un-opened bottles of wine will be packed up by your caterers and the evening events manager from Brympton, ready for you to take home when you depart after breakfast the next day. Opened bottles will be disposed of unless we receive instructions to keep them by the end of the dinner. It is very important to ensure all your own supplies are marked clearly, with your name and event date.  It is strictly forbidden to take any remaining alcohol from your wedding breakfast to your evening reception in the Stables, where normal Licensing Laws will apply. Licensing Laws are taken very seriously, guests found to be taking alcohol into the Stables, will immediately be requested to remove it - refusal may lead to cancellation of your evening event.

16. I am purchasing a Day Drinks Package – what happens if there is any left over unopened wine?

Unless you are upgrading to an unlimited option or have a Deluxe booking, any remaining unopened bottles of wine will be packed up by Brympton’s Evening Events Manager ready for you to take home when you depart after breakfast the next day. Opened bottles will be disposed of unless we receive instructions to keep them and your caterer has saved the corks/screw caps. It is strictly forbidden to take any remaining alcohol from your wedding breakfast to your evening reception in the stables as once the bar is open normal Licensing Laws apply. Licensing Laws are taken very seriously, guests found to be taking alcohol into the Stables will immediately be requested to remove it - refusal may lead to cancellation of your evening event. Please note that if you have upgraded to an unlimited wine option or have a Deluxe booking then you will not be entitled to take any unopened bottles with you due to the terms of these deals/packages.

17. Stables Bar Evening Reception: please explain how the drink service works

The bar is opened on a cash/card basis – this means guests purchase their own drinks. However, you can decide to make alternative arrangements with us. You can put money behind the bar and “when it’s gone – it’s gone” - the bar will then revert to a cash bar, or let you know when your funds are running low and you can top them up if you wish. Frequently couples ask us to restrict their drink selection to something like: All Pump Beers & Ciders, Standard Spirits and Mixers, Wine & Soft Drinks, No Shots, Champagne or Cocktail’s. We have a large blackboard that can be placed on the bar which would say something like: "Tonight’s Complimentary Drinks are: All Pump Beers & Ciders, Standard Spirits and Mixers, Wine, Soft Drinks. Everything Else is on you!" Or you could purchase one of our “evening drink packages”, click here for more information about these.

18. What is the security and license charge that I have been quoted for you, and who do I pay it to?

As per your booking contract: a Security Charge will be added to your invoice from Bacchus Bars which is charged per day of hire and is £180 for up to 150 guests, for additional guests up to 225 persons the charge is £270. Please let us know as soon as possible if you anticipate having over 225 guests as an additional charge will be payable.