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Bacchus Bars

Providing a professional bar service at Brympton House 

Extending The Service


Evening Party

Your evening party will run from the end of your Wedding Breakfast until 11:30pm (with an additional 30 minutes drinking up time). If you'd like to extend the party then provided we have enough notice it may be possible to offer a late licence to the following times:

For a 1 hour extension from 11.30pm to 12.30am with 30 mins drinking up time. Function to end at 1.00am this will cost £490

For a 2 hour extension from 11.30pm to 1.30am with 30 minutes drinking up time. Function to end at 2.00am this will cost £800


Please note, the above rates do not apply for New Years Eve - please contact us for a quote should you book an event for New Years Eve

All the bars accept most major charge cards – though we regret resident guests are not able to charge anything to their room.






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