Stables Late Licence Extension

The late license extension allows you to extend the normal closing time (11.30pm) of the Stables bar for a maximum of 2 hours, so you can party on!

For a 1 hour extension from 11.30pm to 12.30am with 30 mins drinking up time. Function to end at 1.00am - £250

or for a 2 hour extension from 11.30pm to 1.30am with 30 minutes drinking up time. Function to end at 2.00am - £500




£250 per extra hour

The bottled beers and ciders are presented in a vintage metal bucket on ice for guests to help themselves, you can have 1 bucket or multiples of - these buckets can be served alongside your drinks reception choices or can be for your guests to help themselves over at the stables bar


Yeovil Ales 'Stargazer' (Firkin 72 Pints) 4.0%

For real ale enthusiasts we can supply a firkin (72 pints) of yeovil ales award winning real Ale “Star Gazer"

STAR GAZER is a copper speciality bitter with a late hopping floral bouquet, it is rich & hoppy yet sweet & luscious at the same time!

The firkin is supplied tapped and racked for self dispense and comes supplied with plastic glasses this can either be for your drinks reception or wedding breakfast

*Please be aware beer barrels have been filled and racked it is not possible to move them to different locations - however if you can provide your own man power we are very happy for you to move the barrel from location to location 


Burrow Hill Medium Cider 5 Gallon (40 pints) Dispensers for self serve - This farmhouse Cider from the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, founded at Brympton House (in Castle House!). This is the same Cider as supplied from their famous Cider bus at Glastonbury festival

These are portable 5 gallon drums that can be moved to any location


If there is any remaining Cider or Beer the next day, you must bring your own containers to take this home in. All barrels have to remain at Brympton.


Bar Tabs

We are happy to accommodate bar tabs, please note that we will need to be put into funds prior to your event. These can be set up by making pre payments of £500.00, £1,000 or multiples of. This amount can be added to your final invoice which is sent out 3 weeks prior to your event date 

Any over payments will be refunded within 5 working days. If taking this option please ensure that we have your account details for the refund to be made. This should include: Account Name, Account Number and Sort Code

Expenditure guide

An approximate spend for 100 guests is £1000.00 per hour. This estimate includes the standard exclusions of champagne, cocktails, high end spirits and shots 

Wow your guests with a stunning champagne pyramid built of 106 champagne coupe glasses, a real show stopper!

This package is a wonderful start or finale to any drinks reception @ £995.00 however couples who  contact Bacchus within 6 months of booking Brympton will have this available to them at a special price of £750 


The price includes: 


Full set up: to produce the perfect pyramid the table has to be perfectly levelled 

Antique saucer shaped champagne coupe glasses 

Champagne for 108 guests (typically priced at £10 per glass in the bar) 

For a FREE personalised label service please allow a four week lead in time, minimum order 60 Bottles


Soft Dinks Fountain

Beautifully displayed soft drinks fountain, perfect to add a relaxed feel to your drink's reception

Serves 60 small glasses

Please let us know what you would like us to serve.



Hot Chocolate Bar

For frosty cold winter weddings, why not welcome your guests in the Great Hall with freshly made velvty smooth Green and Blacks hot chocolates drinks.

We offer a range of delcious toppings: freshly whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, biscotti biscuits, chocolate wafer twirles and marshmallows


The price is based on 50 guests or £3.00 per drink. 



Night Cap Package

The night cap service is provided by the Brympton House Night Porter, @£700 for one hour – permitted only in the Elizabethan Great Hall of the main house, limited to resident guests, including the Stables and The Fat Pigeon, (please note there is an additional charge for extra guests staying in the bell tents, of @£6.50 per. guest). The service runs for one hour from 20 minutes after the stables complex is closed, from 12.20 a.m. unless a bar extension has been applied for (for a one-hour extension add 1 hour on to this time, for a 2-hour extension add 2 hours). Includes Hot Beverages, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, a selection of seven Liquors and Malt Whiskies, including - Drambuie, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, Baileys, Amaretto and Jameson’s Irish Whisky. 

Please note there is no Bar Service available or permitted in the house after midnight


Please remember this is a winding down service, for residents who wish to have a quiet drink with other guests before retiring


For Example; if the stables bar closes at 11.30pm, you and your guests then have 30 minutes drinking up time, function to end at midnight. We then allow 20 minutes for your party to make their way over to the house for the service to begin at 12.20am and finishing at 1.20am



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Although we have forecast prices for 2020/21, we review our prices once annually and prices are still subject to change without notice.

However it is possible to guarantee prices on a pre-payment basis at any point in time, up to 12 months prior to your event date.