(Applies to all adults over 18)


You can supply as much wine, sparkling wine, champagne, bottled beer and soft drinks for use during your drinks reception & wedding breakfast*.

£20 per person 2019*


Please keep your selection limited to no more than 3 choices (plus soft drinks)

*Terms & Conditions apply, this option which is limited for use during your drinks reception and wedding breakfast only, it is not permitted to use this option for your Stables Evening Reception, once Licensed Bars are open our Licence does not permit guests to supply their own drinks. It excludes fortified wines, cognacs, digestives , aperitives and champagne for champagne tower . The offer cannot be extended to any other times. The price includes storage & handling, corkage, chilling of your drinks,  ice, adequate glassware for your Drinks Reception, for the Wedding Breakfast glassware is limited to two wine glasses, plus a water glass , additional glassware is chargeable. Wine will be brought to your tables for self serve. Dedicated uniformed wine waiters are available for an additional charge


* Additional charges may apply to this offer, if catering is supplied through Wellies and Garlic or purchasing a Brympton House Kitchen lock out, please check and confirm your booking details

Prices are reviewed annually in January, but can be fixed by pre paying up to 12 months prior to your event date, which will guarantee no further increases