Bacchus Bars

Providing a professional bar service at Brympton House 

Drinks Favours

The Somerset Cider Brandy Company founded their distillery in the original Manor House at Brympton, now known as Castle House where most Civil Ceremonies take place.


These unique miniature bottles can be a wonderful digestif at the end of the Wedding Breakfast or a unique keepsake for your magical occasion

Eau de Vie

Apple Eau de Vie, or the "Water of Life", is distilled from fermented vintage Somerset apples. A superbly flavoured Eau de Vie with a heady perfume of old fashioned cider apples

This is a 5cl bottle and is priced at £3ea (40% abv)

Kingston Black Aperitif 

A blend of Cider Brandy and the juice of the of the finest and rarest vintage cider apples. Kingston black apple is a legend among the orchards of the west country

This is a 5cl bottle and is priced at £4 (18% abv)


We are able to supply most branded drinks in 5cl bottles which make ideal drink favours, please contact us with your requirements, frequently couples are ordering a choice of 2

Supply Your Own Drinks Favours

If you would like to supply your own drinks favours there will be a corkage charge for this Small spirit measures (25ml) are charged at 75p per favour

Large spirit measures (50ml) are charged at £1.50 per favour

Please contact us regarding any other alcoholic drink favours